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The Restorative Justice Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in California as Fiat Justicia Ruat Caelum, Inc. (EIN: 47-5260391)

Announcing the Restorative Justice Fund!

We are proud to announce the creation of the Restorative Justice Fund, a justice reform incubator whose mission is to identify, develop, and scale restorative programs that are low-cost and high-impact for the benefit of every criminal justice stakeholder - judges, prosecutors, communities, local government, and the person who committed the crime.

The Restorative Justice Fund invests in restorative projects that generate radically positive outcomes for all justice stakeholders and cause radically high returns to flow to the most vulnerable people in the US. We've developed a strategy that takes cues from the venture community to showcase the return on investment that Restorative Justice can have. We hope by telling the stories of our programs and being explicit about their value, we can incentivize investors to take notice of the once-in-a-generation opportunities that Restorative Justice presents to make our justice system effective, cost-efficient, and equitable.

Our newest project is a partnership with The Francisco Homes (TFH), one of the largest transitional housing facilities for lifers in California. We've begun developing the TFH Legal Clinic to deliver full-service legal representation for lifers, focusing on litigating winnable cases that the men of TFH bring to our attention. By providing the tools they need to vindicate their rights in court, we hope to promote our clients' ongoing and long-term success as they reenter society. Learn more here

Let Justice Be Done!

Peter Borenstein