Restorative Justice Fund

Donating to RJFund

All donations to Restorative Justice Fund go to programs that offer as much as 10x returns to vulnerable people caught up in the justice system.

Beyond the moral imperative to transform our justice system and stop the needless suffering it creates, making our justice system more restorative creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for donors to create exponential returns for the most high-need and at-risk people. 

$200 = $2000

Donating $200 to design and deploy pre-charge diversions, one low-level offender can be diverted from the traditional criminal justice system before charges are filed, saving $1,500 in overall justice administration costs and saving the would-be defendant $500 in fines and fees.

$1000 = $10,000+

Donating $1,000 to develop a technology solution that favors treatment over jail for people suffering from mental illness, one severely unstable person can be diverted to professional mental health care, saving $1000 for the nights the individual is not in jail, $500 for the officers that do not have to arrest the individual, and, most importantly, accruing more than $8,500 in the short term to the individual who gains the support they need to stay out of trouble and begin treatment.

$4,000 = $40,000+

By donating $4,000 to support legal representation for lifers at The Francisco Homes, one tenacious lifer will be able to vindicate his rights in court, in some cases recovering upwards of $40,000 from people who have stolen from them over decades of incarceration.

Restorative Justice Fund is dedicated to identifying and developing high-impact/low-cost restorative interventions for the benefit of every stakeholder in the criminal justice system and for donors looking to make a difference.