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Bounty Program for Cannabis Expungements

By offering a cash reward for each expungement of cannabis-related offenses under Proposition 64, paralegals and non-lawyers can get involved with clearing the backlog of Californians eligible for expungement.

  • Despite passing Proposition 64 in 2016, millions of Californians still have cannabis-related convictions on their record.
  • Expunging criminal records of cannabis-related offenses does not require an attorney and removes obstacles to getting a job, applying for a loan, or obtaining a professional license.


AirBnB for Crisis Mental Health Beds

In 2017, RJFund won Santa Monica’s Hack the Beach pitch contest with Minder, a mobile app for first responders to match their patients to crisis mental health beds instead of being arrested.


Pre-Charge Diversion

Pre-Charge Diversion programs offer first-time, low-level, adult offenders the chance to avoid traditional criminal justice in favor of a community-based alternative.

  • On average, pre-charge diversion saves $200+ per participant and with recividsm rates below 5%, which is extremely low compared to the traditional criminal justice recidivism rate of 40% or more. Read more here.
  • RJFund’s first project was ReConnect.LA, a campaign to persuade other cities in Los Angeles County of the value of pre-charge diversion programs and to aid them in creating their own.

Past Projects

Promising ideas and initiatives that we've worked on in the past.

Open Source Justice Reform

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