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Lifer Legal

We estimate that as many as one-third of prisoners in California are at risk of being victims of theft. They need lawyers to help protect their assets and file civil lawsuits in the event that they are stolen from to ensure they have access to resources critical to their success inside and out of prison.

Since 2016, Lifer Legal attorneys have recovered more than one million dollars in cash and houses for prisoners and former prisoners.

Lifer Archive

Collecting the oral histories of lifers to demonstrate the transformation that can happen even while incarcerated and the challenges upon release.

There is virtually no data on if and how time spent in prison changes an individual’s personality: There are no surveys done inside prison and no exit interview when a prisoner is released. We are missing an extremely valuable opportunity to learn exactly how mass incarceration effects the people most touched by it: the prisoners themselves.

As our network of Lifer Legal clients has grown, we’ve begun recording the oral histories of recently returned lifers, a first-of-its-kind archive of stories that will create the foundation for research and academic work around the experience and effects of long-term incarceration.

Lifer Paralegals

Frustrated with their lack of access to lawyers in prison, some prisoners begin doing the work themselves, becoming skilled litigators in their own right. They should be able to put their hard-won legal skills to use (and for pay!) when they come home

RJFund has partnered with Goodwill Southern California to begin enrolling formerly incarcerated people in credit-bearing courses they need to become certified paralegals.

Current Projects

We develop, design, and deploy innovative ideas at every level of the justice system.

Some of our ideas never make it out of the incubator. Learn more about our past projects.