Restorative Justice Fund A justice reform incubator based in Los Angeles

Peter Borenstein - Founder

Peter Borenstein - Founder feature image

Peter founded RJFund in 2016 and is the lead attorney at Lifer Legal

You can email him at

He enjoys science fiction, Tom Waits, and capoeira.

Joanne DeCaro - Research Director

Joanne DeCaro - Research Director feature image

Joanne is a PhD Candidate in Criminology at UC Irvine. She heads up RJFund’s Lifer Archive, a first-of-its-kind collection of oral histories from recently returned lifers.

Her previous projects include the Boston Bombing Digital Archive and Angelenos Incarcerated.

You can email her at

Board of Directors

    Lorenzo Arroyo, Esq.
    ABC Studios
    The Hon. Maria Stratton
    California Court of Appeal
    The Hon. Mark Borenstein
    Los Angeles Superior Court
    Peter Borenstein, Esq.
    Restorative Justice Fund
    Yoram Heller
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